Friday, May 04, 2007

I've been voted in!

I'm very pleased, and very grateful to the people who voted for me yesterday. I view this as being the first part of a bargain that I now have to live up to, and I fully intend to do this.

Having insisted communication is a key priority, my first act on being elected was to gabble incoherently to Dave Gray of Radio Orkney, when he interviewed me. This was largely due to being stunned at getting in on the first round of the voting system by passing the quota on first preference votes, and due to extreme tiredness as it was 4.30am by this time. I'm not sure what I said, but it should have reiterated that I will be inquisitive and open-minded in approach, and approachable, diligent and do a good job. I don't think it did though- lets hope they edit me kindly!

For all the complexities of the STV system, the result just mirrored the figures for first preferences, viz.

Janice Annal 460
Steven Heddle 359
Bobby Leslie 280
Mike Drever 218

I genuinely feel sorry for the candidates who didn't get elected, with Alastair MacLeod and David Murdoch both fighting particularly good and positive campaigns, and they would have made good councillors I am sure. I'm also very sorry that Ian MacDonald didn't get back in Kirkwall West, while being pleased that Jack Moodie and David Tullock both were elected there, as I've spoken to them a lot throughout the campaign.

The count finished very late, but the fact that it finished at all on this night of count suspensions is a credit to the Returning Officer's team.

Now it's time for bed, then first Council business tomorrow. An immediate action will be to set up a meeting with Janice, Bobby and Mike to pool the issues reported, and make sure they are acted upon.

I'll keep you posted as to what's happening here, and work this into a better site for information and reports.

Thanks again, and special thanks to my dad (Barry Heddle) and Ray Norris who gave me invaluable help in distributing leaflets.



Irene Bews said...

Congratulations! (and for the first time ever i have a Councillor that i have actually spoken to!)

Anonymous said...

weel done buyee